theme eleven by ynthemes
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  • all colors are customizable
  • sidebar is 160px wide
  • no title and bigger first letter options
  • five custom links

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SIMPLE GIF PSD #2; Media Fire | Please like this post if downloading. | Contains vibrance. | Contains black and white option | Adjust curves and brightness and contrast layers for your video. | Optional layer for blue scenes and dark scenes. | Other layers will need to be adjusted as well.


How to make pastel GIFS.

  • Photoshop cs5 extended was used 
  • TV Show: Teen Wolf
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→ PSD 33

  • Please do not repost :)
  • Contains gradients and textures
  • works with CS6/CS5/CS4/and anything photoshop
  • download it H e r e /zip @ Box.net
  • feel free to pm me if you have questions about the psd
  • Hope you enjoy :)

#THEME 8 - Pretty hurts by hearttopieces:

Live previewCodeThemeage;

  • 4 customizable links;
  • Sidebar image - 245 or your preffered size
  • 500px post width
  • Please do not remove the credit or use as base
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  • Any questions will be answered only here

Texture Pack #3 by oldfashionedvillain

12 book cover textures (500x680)

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font friday 3/14/14 by addictedtophotoshop

[telegrafico] [bellerose] [dreamdaddy] [impact label] [colors] [budmo] [caviar dreams] [circo


we don’t own any of the following gifs; copyright is reserved to their authors. as requested

You will find gifs and explanations under the cut. Keep reading :)

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Pack #05 by Mixsoucers {2k resources pack}. This pack contains 28 psds, 80 gradients, 3 actions and 13 templates. you can use them to make edits, graphics, graphics psd, etc. Please Like or reblog if you download. And do not distribute or claim to your own. Enjoy!! {DL}

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